Energetski blokovi

Blocks for wall and ceiling construction are produced in IGM-MLADOST-RAD factory in Vlasotince and IGM-TMP factory in Mala Plana. Thanks to the large investments in the new equipment and technology with the already well-known high quality raw material, the resulting products are of different types and sizes that allow modern construction which includes:

  • law cost and rapid construction,
  • good sound insulation that allows quiet and pleasant stay,
  • good compression strength,
  • natural and environmentally safe product,
  • environmental-friendly technology ensures protection of environment,
  • good heat storage,
  • fire resistance
  • continuous internal quality control and certification of domestic and foreign institutes are the guarantee of constant quality.

To guarantee quality, in addition to the daily internal control in the laboratory of our factory, all products have certificates of quality issued by a recognized European Institute. Also, all products have the CE mark (EU Directive for construction products 89/106/EEC) issued by the CIES Institute of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, which is the body authorized by the EU for testing and certification of products according to EU standards.