In reconstruction at the end of 2010 and in the early 2011, the installation of a new extruder was done, and two new two-headed presses, the most advanced in this area, were installed. In this way, besides improving product quality in terms of physical and mechanical properties, these modern presses allow the production of a new tile “Mladost” – “ECO” programme, which has many advantages compared to the already existing models of bricks.



  • larger tile covering areas (only 12.5 units required to cover 1 m² of roof),
  • quick installation – saving time (a small number of tiles to be built),
  • cost-effective installation that is. saving in the number of tiles and related materials – lower installation costs.

The new product is lighter which reduces the load on the roof structure Sliding rafting which provides:

  • new tiles can be installed on an existing (already set) roof construction and the roof space between the rails does not require any adjustment of the new roofing tiles,
  • greater overlap of tiles according to specific needs and requirements depending on roof slope planes.

Improved design with new structural solutions that enable:

  • far better “sealing” of the roof that provides even greater protection from weather conditions (rain, snow, wind),
  • a visually appealing product,
  • better technical characteristics.

and of course, the new product is made of high quality clay that provides the famous PERMANENT RED COLOUR of the “MLADOST” tile which makes it distinctive and unique in the market.

To guarantee quality, in addition to the daily internal control in the laboratory of our factory, all products have quality certificates issued by recognized European institutes. Also, all products have the CE mark (EU Directive for construction products 89/106/EEC) issued by the CIES Institute from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, which is the body authorized by the EU for testing and certification of products according to EU standards.

All “MLADOST” roof tiles shall be subject to the guarantee for 50 years.