IGM Mladost Leskovac

In 1911 – by establishing “Ceramic Factory Rafajlović, Sokolovic and Bejaz” the foundations of modern industry of clay building materials were set. The huge building of the so-called “Old Brick Factory” with the highest chimney in Leskovac even today is one of the landmarks of the city. Roof tiles that are produced in the early beginning of the last century in Leskovac, bearing the sign of an elephant and their distinctive, intense red colour still decorate roofs in Leskovac, Nis, Vranje, Skopje and many towns near and far.

Traditional methods of clay shaping were applied as long as 1974 when a new hall with devices and machines for production of roof tiles and building brick blockware, modern for the time was built. However, some segments of the former production were still based on manual work of a large number of workers, without any detailed consideration of possibilities to increase production quality and quantity.

In 1928 – Mihajlo Sokolovic, one of the owners left and the factory got a new name “Ceramic Factory and Rafajlović Bejaz”. After World War II the factory was transformed into DP “Pobeda” – An industrial enterprise of roof tiles and bricks, whose products will be known throughout the old Yugoslavia.

In 1997 – the company was divided into a number of smaller ones, specialized in manufacturing of certain building materials. Thus the DP “MLADOST” was founded as a group of young, hardworking and motivated people who want to return to their old markets and conquer the new ones. From this point forward there was a period of stability in trading and moderate growth which was in line with the general conditions in society at the time.

In 2003 – By privatization “Mladost” became a stock company, the management and the employees were initiated anew for further improvement and development.

From that point until 2008 it had been worked on the constant increase of quality and production capacity, and the IGM “Mladost” company had been reorganized fully to produce roof tiles. At the same period, the company took the opportunity for hiring and training new staff of basic production profiles: technology, mechanical engineering and electronics.

In 2008 – a new era began by the reconstruction of the factory. It is an important step in modernizing the production process, particularly in the primary production, by the introduction of modern high-capacity mills for processing of fine clay. It is also a great progress in setting up and breaking down of dry and baked raw materials and especially so in terms of product packaging by the complete automation of the process. Also, during the first phase of the reconstruction, a great emphasis was given to the modernization and automation of the process of products drying and baking by the use of latest monitoring and process quality control systems. In addition a great improvement of working conditions and humanization of work were achieved.

At the beginning of 2011 – the second part of the reconstruction of production facilities followed. A new hall for crude production was built, a new German extruder made by the “Handle” manufacturer was set and the new twoheaded presses of Italian “Bongioanni” make were installed. They are among the most advanced in this area. The use of such modern and highly controlled technology directly affects the quality of products in terms of physical and mechanical properties as well as the aesthetic appearance of roof tiles which makes it possible to meet the increase of high requirements on the market.

IGM Mladost Mala Plana

In 2006 – the factory IGM “July 7” in Toplicka Mala Plana which had been a public company was privatized. Since that time the plant operates under the name IGM “MLADOST-TMP” d.o.o.

Immediately after the privatization, in 2006 the factory reconstruction had been started:

In 2006-07: a fully automatic line for composition and decomposition of products was built, a brand new fine mill of the famous German make Haendle was set, the furnaces were reconstructed and some new burner groups were installed. A system for monitoring temperature and other parameters of the furnaces and kilns, 6 groups of drying fans and a high pressure compressor were installed, and a new network for distribution of compressed air was made. A new production hall for storing the equipment and decomposition of products was also built.

In 2008 – The design line was reconstructed, the press with two outs was reconstructed and the appropriate automatic system for loading raw products into kiln railcars was built in. The number of ventilation groups in the kiln is enlarged and the complete line of forming, loading raw goods and unloading dry goods was automated. A driveway mill of larger capacity was built in, then another high-pressure compressor and a new substation of 630 kW power were constructed.

In 2009 and 2010 – the following equipment was built in: rough Bedeschi mill, extruder Bedeschi, a chimney, an exhausted gasses recirculation system of the tunnel kiln. The reconstruction of primary production was made. All of these investments and the technical-technological procedures, have enabled the production of high quality products while increasing capacity at the same time, which is why IGM MLADOST-TMP is one of the largest manufacturers of building bricks goods in Serbia.

In 2010th – A new high-quality clay pit that allows a proper access to exploitation with an appropriate access road for the smooth transport running was opened. A new fuel oil tank of 1,000 m3 of capacity was built and 10,000 m3 of space for storage of finished products was asphalted; a new administration building was constructed, the technical service offices and the workers restaurant within the manufacturing factory area were renovated.

IGM Mladost Vlasotince

The factory IGM “RAD” in Vlasotince operated as a public company until 06-11-2006 when it was privatized, and from that day the factory operates under the name IGM “MLADOST RAD” a.d.

Prior to the privatization, the factory was producing brick block goods (approximately 5.5 million pieces annually) and roof tiles (around 2,000,000 pieces), which were mostly secured on the local market.

In 2007 – The preparations for the factory reconstruction began aiming to improve and modernize the production significantly.

In 2008 – The reconstruction was done.

In 2009 – The new technology production started. With the reconstruction, the factory has become modern in terms of technology, it has been automated and robotized which was the prerequisite for the production of building materials in accordance with market demands and customers` needs. The specific investment ventures were: a brand new product line, the new mills of primary and secondary processing of “BONGIOANNI” make, the latest generation press manufactured by “BEDESCHI”, the latest generation of robots by the Japanese manufacturer “FANUKO”, the fully automated process lines of forming raw materials, dry stacking on trains and lines for production of baked goods, the completely refurbished and modernized kilns.

As a result of the above, the IGM “MLADOST-RAD” a.d. today produces Clay 5, Clay brick, Façade brick, Filling fert 14, Thermo block, Hollow block 5 and Ventilation block. The factory is both technically and technologically equipped to follow other contemporary trends and respond to market demands.