New Web Site of "MLADOST" Group

17th June 2011

Dear visitors, as a part of our promotional activities aiming to better presentation of our production programme, a new web presentation of the "MLADOST" group is set.

Sponsor of RTS Race

20th May 2011

At the ceremony in a Belgrade Hotel, the Majestic, it was made official that this year's RTS Race through Serbia ran a record number of participants in 149 municipalities and cities of our country....

Construction, Energy, Technology, Timber Industry Trade Show - EXPOKOS in Pristina

18th May 2011

A group of factories for manufacturing of construction ceramics "MLADOST" takes part at the 10th Trade show of construction, energy, technology, timber industry - EXPOKOS in Pristina from 18 to 21 May 2011

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MLADOST is one of the biggest and most prominent producers of building materials in the region, a familiar name on the market, a synonym for quality tile, building blocks and ceilings constructions which found their way to the satisfied users on the whole territory of Serbia and Kosovo, but also on the markets of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Monte Negro,…

The company consists of three plants strategically located in the south of Serbia:

  • Roof Tile production
    IGM MLADOST d.o.o., Leskovac
  • Blocks production
    IGM MLADOST-TMP d.o.o., Mala Plana
    IGM MLADOST-RAD d.o.o., Vlasotince

From 2007 to 2010 continuous large investments were put into all the tree plants, especially significant being the investments in the most modern technology and equipment, then in the buildings, organization, modernization of all processes of enterprising, marketing, human recourses. An increase in manufacturing scope comes gradually year by year with all these investments. It has also been followed by an adequate market widening and increased need for Mladost products.

With its last investment at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, the investment cycle was crowned by the installment of the key equipment which will enable a significant improvement of quality, quantity and range of products. Everything done has only one aim, to make our customers satisfied.