The "Mladost" products have found a way to their users over the years throughout Serbia, but also in the neighboring countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro, Albania, ... where constructions for various purposes, from private homes to exclusive villas and restaurants, complete residential areas, embassies and religious facilities, built and roofed with the `MLADOST` products can be found.


New Web Site of "MLADOST" Group

17th June 2011

Dear visitors, as a part of our promotional activities aiming to better presentation of our production programme, a new web presentation of the "MLADOST" group is set.

Sponsor of RTS Race

20th May 2011

At the ceremony in a Belgrade Hotel, the Majestic, it was made official that this year's RTS Race through Serbia ran a record number of participants in 149 municipalities and cities of our country....

Construction, Energy, Technology, Timber Industry Trade Show - EXPOKOS in Pristina

18th May 2011

A group of factories for manufacturing of construction ceramics "MLADOST" takes part at the 10th Trade show of construction, energy, technology, timber industry - EXPOKOS in Pristina from 18 to 21 May 2011

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